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We use 'Social Media' to promote our two internet radio stations and three digital

publications with 'fresh news twice daily' to 46 LinkedIn Groups (see below),

plus Twitter, Google+, Facebook and our columnists e-lists that

now reaches over 967K e-contacts world-wide!

~ 46 LinkedIn Groups for a total is 967,794 e-contacts posted twice daily ~

[Data as of 8/1/15]

Total postings twice daily: 967,794 [plus, we post to Google+, Twitter, Facebook and our Columnists e-lists]


Our three internet based newspapers and one radio station are members of the 46 total LinkedIn Groups outlined above. The digital publications post to these 46 LinkedIn 'Group Moderators' who can then forward our paper and radio Hyper Homepage & Portal - - to over 967K collective members. If the members receive a LinkedIn alert from their moderator they can decide to ignore, delete or open the alert. If they open it they have the opportunity to read the e-newspapers, listen to the i-radio station, or select one or more of the 50+ digital services offered to our no charge. 

Also, we post to thousands more via e-contacts on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and our Columnists e-lists, which increases the postings to over 1M daily, which includes the postings from both the 'Saint Louis Sun' and 'The Trinity Tribune' world-wide digital publications. 

The publications are both filled with local, national and global that is posted with 'fresh news twice daily' and are updated at noon and midnight 24/7/365 by our new feed source and curator, which is a organizing, clearing and distribution house for the local, national and global breaking stories and headline news from around the world. Their digital service and the internet allows us to disseminate data throughout our St. Louis Region, across America and around the planet. However, their is no way for us to give our followers, supporters, members and potential advertisers exact statistical information as to the papers actual readership or the radio stations listenership numbers. As they say in the comic books and the movies, "...only the Shadow knows what happens in Cyberspace!" 

Thank you for your time and consideration in this me at 314-952-2640 if you have any questions.

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