Positive View

Ferguson, USA

 H  o  t   T  a  l  k   R  a  d  i  o 

Kim Milberg

About Me

Creator, Founder, CEO of Leave None Behind Ministries.

-I am a Registered Nurse, with experience in Cardiac Intensive Care, Dialysis, and Recovery Room.  I know what its like to hold someone as they die.  I know what it's like to cry out to God, frustrated and asking 'why?'  I know the adrenaline dump of getting home after a shift and wondering if I forgot to do something, as well as not being able to sleep as the previous 8 hours keeps  running  thru my head. I know what it's like to feel the high of resuscitating a patient, and I know the utter exhaustion of having no energy left to offer my patients.  

- born again in 1987. Became an ordained Minister in 2019.

Help, Hope and Healing

Beginning 12/20/2019, I was offered my own radio show on Ferguson Hot Talk Radio.  And yes, THAT Ferguson.  In Missouri, just outside of St Louis.   This internet radio station was actually started as a way for people to communicate during the Ferguson riots  in 2014. No matter which side you were on, these riots changed the face of our nation.   And now, I have the priviledge of being on a radio station that bears a piece of history.  

My show is called 'Help, Hope, and Healing with kim milberg', and I am on every Friday from noon to 12:30 pm.  I talk to Veterans, First Responders, and spouses. I share information from my teachings.  I challenge the status quo.  I talk about marriage.  I talk about PTSD and healing and nutrition.  and I plan on having some AMAZING guests come talk and share their experiences.