Ferguson, USA

'  H  o  t   T  a  l  k   R  a  d  i  o '

Scott Owen, USAF, Retired, General Manager

Hi, My name is Scott Owen. I am the General Manager of FergusonUSAHotTalkRadio.com as of 8 Aug 2019.  I retired from the United States Air Force in 2001 after 20 years of service. Unfortunately,  the radio station , as you know,  has not been on the air for a little while and we're working hard to get it back soon.  Please note the Mission, Vision and Goal Statements below as we are working hard to create a great environment of communication for Ferguson, North St. Louis County and the World!  Please feel free to call me on my Cell  314.277.0621 or email me at [email protected] with any questions. Thanks!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ferguson USA Hot Talk Internet Radio Station is to:

  1. Provide a non-judgmental, positive, hopeful and open voice and internet presence for all people and communities associated with the City of Ferguson, Missouri including USPS zip codes of 63035, 63134, 63135, 63136 and 63121 and beyond without regard to racial, gender, sexual orientation or any other covered condition by United States Law.
  2. Provide civic organizations the opportunity to offer services to benefit the local and international listener.
  3. Provide entertaining and informational programming, community events and marketing that will, in some way, benefit the local and international listener.
  4. To be a positive force in the community for all.


The Vision of Ferguson USA Hot Talk Internet Radio Station is to:

  1. Become the premier internet source for St. Louis, St. Louis County and surrounding counties informational and entertainment programming.
  2. Become a vital part of the North St. Louis Community.
  3. Become a “go-to” resource for community services.
  4. Build relational bridges among the positive forces within the community and become a force of change to improve the reputation of the City and surrounding counties of St. Louis, Missouri.

Goals of Ferguson USA Hot Talk Internet Radio Station are as follows:

  1. 3 month goals (Milepost: 1 November, 2019)
    1. To create relationships that produce financial support to be fiscally sound for the daily operation of the internet radio station 
    2. To recreate and launch the website hosting the portal to the Ferguson USA Hot Talk Radio Broadcasting)
    3. To relaunch the content in a limited manner, i.e., 20 hours of programming per week.
    4. To become part of the I Heart Radio Network to maximize listenership.
    5. To attract competent broadcast engineering assistance familiar with the current broadcast software and hardware to troubleshoot difficulties encountered by hosts
  2. 6 month goals (Milepost: 1 February, 2020)
    1. To populate the schedule of programming from 0800 to 2200 with 1 to 2 hour committed hosts interested in contributing to the community.
    2. To ensure that these hosts are competently utilizing the broadcasting equipment and software to optimize the messages they are trying to convey.
    3. To promote a culture of cooperation among hosts that allows cross-promotion of shows, sharing of knowledge and mentor/mentee relationships in internet radio broadcasting
  3. 1 year goals (Milepost: 1 September, 2020)
    1. To have the ability to compensate hosts for their diligent work on programming a wage appropriate for radio hosts.
    2. To host a community event that brings  a minimum of 100 people together for a purpose, whether service, networking or entertainment.