Positive View

Ferguson, USA

 H  o  t   T  a  l  k   R  a  d  i  o 

Our radio station 'Grand Opening' on August 9, 2015 gets VIP support!

Photo: (L/R)

Rich Pisani - President, U.S. Congressman Wm. Lacy Clay (MO) and Mark Kasen - General Manager of Ferguson, USA 'Hot Talk Radio'

Photo: (L/R)

Rich Pisani, John Parker, MO Attorney General Chris Koster, Shavonda Williams, MO State Rep & Pastor Tommie Pierson and Dr. Jim Logan 

Photo: (L/R)

Kneeling: Mark Kasen, Jim Fulkrod and Rich Pisani

Standing: Rob Mitchel, Dr. Gerald Higgenbotham, Susan Bruce, 

Cicardi Bruce, Diane Haneklau and MO State Rep & Pastor Tommie Pierson

Photo: (All)

Ferguson residents gather on 8-9-15 to start 

their one year anniversary 'commemorative walk' to the 

Greater St. Mark Family Church on behalf of Michael Brown, Jr.

Photo: (L/R)
Congressman Lacy Clay, Jr., LaTaacha Tigue and Nicholas Moore
Photo: (L/R)
Congressman Lacy Clay, Jr., Mark Kasen and Rich Pisani

Photo: (L/R)
Mark Kasen [TV], MO Speaker of the House [ret.], Tim Jones, and Rich Pisani

Photo: (L/R)

Standing: Rich Pisani, Rachel Hankerson, Tom Ousley, John Parker, Cicardi Bruce, Mark Kasen, Joel Kirk and Rob Mitchell

Seated: Diane Haneklau, Cheri Otzenberger, Tommie Pierson, Fran Capra and Bob Williams

Photo: (L/R)

Mark Kasen, GM, and LaTeacha Tigue, Sr. Advisor

Photo: (L/R)

Shavonda 'Mona' Johnson, Sr. Intern Director